Susie Yang

Founder / Chief Pie slinger

In the beginning,
there was pie

Here at Pie Town we’re all about one thing. Preaching the gospel of American-style sweet pies. Made from seasonal, local produce, all our pies are made from scratch by hand. Serving happiness by the slice or pre-order a whole pie for the family.

We use local producers like Echo Valley Farm for our eggs, beef and pork products, Barambah Organic Dairy, Food Connect Brisbane, Suncoast Limes and Boyne River Pecans. Basically we love working with producers who are trying to work with nature—not against it.

Based in West End—come into our little corner shop to grab a drink and a slice of pie.

Meet Susie

Pie Maker. Foodie. Photographer. Dog lover.

I’m a tiny bundle of energy except when I’m napping. (Fun fact: I’m 148cm tall which means I’m legally a midget!)

It sounds a little crazy but the love of my life is my rescue dog Ginnifer. (Sorry, boyfriend!) I picked her up from a shelter in 2010 and we’ve been inseparable ever since. She’s completely nutso, but she’s my numero uno adventure and nap buddy.

When I’m not elbows deep in pie dough or dreaming up new flavours, I’m a photographer and I love to foster rescue dogs for Safe Haven Animal Rescue. Poor old Ginny would definitely prefer to be the only dog in my life but it’s an amazing way to get more dogs in my life without feeling like I belong on Animal Hoarders.

Phew - you made it this far.

Cue obligatory cute dog photos of my girl and some of the dogs I’ve fostered!