Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I pop in and get a whole pie?

    We're a small batch kitchen which is why preorder is always our preferred option but we do make additional whole pies for walk ins. It'll just be from a limited selection of flavours. Or make a frankenpie. Call ahead to confirm flavours.

  • How do I order a pie?

    Easy! Head over to the Order page. Remember, 48 hours notice - minimum.

  • What I want isn't there - why?

    We don't offer frankenpies, individual pies or some in-store specials for online preorder. Call the store to order on the day.

  • Can I get a custom pie?

    We can offer gluten-free and vegan alternatives for some pie flavours. Call or pop into store to check. Otherwise we don't do bigger pies, smaller pies, pies with writing on them etc etc.

  • But, I don't want to eat a whole pie?

    Are you sure? j/k

    Slices and half pies are available in store with what has been made on the day. Not all flavours on the menu will be available.

  • Why don't you have more meat pie flavours / where is your plain meat pie?

    Our joy has always been dessert pies. Literally, it's why we exist. We make everything from scratch in a tiny kitchen (seriously, ask to see it some time) so we have to prioritise what we can offer and what makes us unique. There are a lot of places to get a meat pie, in fact if you're local, hit up Worthy Pie Co down the road.

    Here be meat pies 
  • Do you deliver?

    For individual pies and slices, find us on DoorDash. If it says we're unavailable it means we're pretty chockers in the store.

    Unfortunately we don't offer a courier service anymore as we cannot guarantee the condition the pie will arrive in. You're more than welcome to organise a rideshare partner to come pick it up.

  • Cancellations and customer mistakes

    Please double check your order carefully before payment is made. If you chose the wrong date / accidentally double ordered / didn't get the gluten-free version etc - email or call the store asap. We will try our best however there is a 5% admin fee on any mistakes or cancellations.

    Speaking of cancellations, we're pretty accomodating as long as the order haven't been prepped / made but will still incur the 5% fee. If no notice is given for cancellation, the pie is considered forfeited and no refund will be issued.

  • Wait, I can get a beer with my pie?

    It's true - we use beer in our pies and we also offer craft tinnies to go with them. Dine in only, no takeaway.

  • Do you have gift vouchers?

    Gift vouchers are available to order online in the Merch section or in store.